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------------------------------------------------------------------[20/03/2017 - 11:27]------------------------------------------------------------------

Howdy 'n happy surfing, my internet pals! I've had quite the evenful day in means of working on the site, so this is more of an update for certain stuff that might interest you! I made myself a button, and it looks like this: (But quite a bit larger when used properly, just-... You can just save it from the two I have flaunted on the top bar, or at the bottom of the page... Man do I like that button...) - And if you feel like poppin' it into your page is something you'd wanna do, either for support of me or, just purely liking the way it looks, feel free to! If you do so, however, sending me an email would be appreciated so I can aptly return the favour xx

Expect more things soon, of course~

-- I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, neo.saint

------------------------------------------------------------------[20/03/2017 - 05:09]------------------------------------------------------------------

Good morning (again) websurfers! I've been doing some thinking on the topic of names and, how it would be received if I were to openly explain the various aliai(?) that I use, because as I understand, a sense of mystery, incoherency and anonymity are typical traditions with this whole--... Thing... Like, as I see it, the use of japanese language in vapour hints at both a lack of understanding, and reduction of a language to characters and symbols much akin to the hearts and shapes littered everywhere else, and the feeling of, oversaturated interconnectivity, perhaps? I'm not too good at describing it, but the feeling of being in a culture vast in it's reaches, to the point of reaching things you can't yourself-witness. Vapour has done just as good a job in reducing cultural barriers, as it has artistically-raise them... But eh, I dunno, I'll probably disagree with this by tomorrow. Anyway, as I was saying... If I was to explain that my "umbrella-alius", neo.saint, gets it's name from both references of a faux-utopian rebranding of society, and the unashamedly over-pampering things made purely of corporate ideals receive; (I think "Saint Pepsi" is the best example of this, the suggestion that the corporate-creation would be put so far on a pedastal as to be treated amongst the ranks of things we designed to be past our will and comprehension ... Something like that, it's super-duper early and I'm finding it hard to come up with words, blegh.) - Anyway, yeah... If I was to do that, openly give clarity to every facet of my online-presence, would that be considered... Vapour, enough? And- why do I care?

-- I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, neo.saint

------------------------------------------------------------------[20/03/2017 - 02:47]------------------------------------------------------------------

This will be the first blog/feed post on this page, and I'm more than glad to say that! Today I think I've finally got a decent handle on the sorta-...
Format, and aesthetic of the site. I've also added a pretty cool guestbook page, but the system itself isn't working too well... It still looks nice,
though! Heh. One thing I'm not sure of yet, is how ambiguous I want my persona to be... Is "neo.saint" a mysterious, grounded-in-aesthetic personality
who releases music and never leaves it's concept... Or is it simply the name that aligns with the actual -me-? I suppose it depends on how I want
to "brand" things, but I suppose since I'm writing this, I'm going with the latter! At least for now...

Ooh! One thing I should certainly do is share a very snazzy site that I'm rather fond of, even if it's only been up for about
a day: https://virtual-atlas.neocities.org/ , he's a cool dude with a site that's really starting to flourish and fill-out.

-- I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, neo.saint

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